28 mm Child Resistant Closure D-12B with IHS liner (Induction Heat Seal Liner) for PET bottles

Code of Closure: D-12B
Characteristic:“Press & Turn” opening method
Both Child Resistant and Senior Friendly
Market:Non Food
Market segment:Stretch Blow Moulded (PET) Packaging – Bottles, for Automotive (Coolant Antifreeze, Brake Fluid, Diesel Fuel Additive), Car Care (Rust Remover, Engine Cleaner), Chemical Products (Solvents – White Spirit, Turpentine), Agrochemicals-Horticultural (Liquid Fertilizers), DIY products
Product Category:Household & Industrial products
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products
Neck standard: 28 mm PCO1810
Child Resistant: Yes
Closure application:Screw-on
Tamper evidence:Yes
Type of Liner:IHS liner (Induction Heat Seal Liner) for PET bottles
Pcs / Box:3000
Pcs / EUR pallet (0,8 x 1,2 m), pcs:60000
Pcs / FIN pallet (1,0 x 1,2 m), pcs: 75000
MOQ for Standard Colours, pcs: 3000
Standard Colours:Red, Black
MOQ for Non-standard Colours, pcs:60000

Closure with IHS liner (Induction Heat Seal Liner) for PET bottles
Child Resistant Closure with IHS liner (Induction Heat Seal Liner) for PET bottles, which welds to neck of bottle, helps to preserve the freshness of your products and preventing any leakage.

– Most convenient CRC system (Press & Turn)
– One closure can be used for all different markets
– Easy handling on automatic capping lines
– Compatible with chemical products and successfully meeting UN testing criteria

This closure is available in standard red and black colours, but if you interested in having this closure in other special colour then we can produce it, minimum order quantity 1 pallet – 60000 pcs.


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